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Road Traffic Accidents Claims

Road traffic accidents claims depends on the type of accident, some accident victims fail to file claim due to the fear of the legal actions or having the fear of losing the claim. Yea, agreed, it can be so time consuming and if not trained well, the case can become sometimes difficult. If you have been injured which when looked into is no fault of yours, we will be able to help you through the claims. There are different road traffic accident that occurs, It may be

  1. Whiplash
  2. Airbag injury
  3. Child restraint injury
  4. Seat belt injury

Every year, hundreds of people are injured during driving. This may be due to carelessness, being drunk at the same time driving, negligence to speed limits, not wearing seat belt, weather conditions, reckless driving, poor road maintenance, car malfunction. When either of this happens, you have every right to claim your compensation. With this, the victim can talk to expert because of the trauma that would be involved

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Steps To Take When Involved In Road Traffic Accidents

Share phone numbers, names, address, insurance details and registration numbers

Take down witness information. Inform your insurance company of the accidents

Try to find out, if he/she is the real owner of the car, otherwise take the information of owner

Report the accidents to the police in case of future disagreement

Write down the are model, year, color and the extent of the damage

Claims To Be Made

Your medical bills and recovery bills can be claimed. Wages like travelling for medical appointments, adaptation to your home, and loss of wages.
We are made up of well trained and skilled solicitors and legal executives who in all take your complaint seriously and more efficiently and on time.

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