Terms & Conditions


Terms & Condition

Replacement vehicle information

  1. You agree to give all necessary documentation to us for obtaining a replacement vehicle. This includes registration and insurance papers, your driver’s licence and license of the person driving the vehicle at time of collision.
    after you are notified that the vehicle under repairs is back in working condition, you need to contact us instantly for arranging the time and site to gather the vehicle. Else you'll be accountable for rent charges for the quantity of days you kept the vehicle once the repairs to your own vehicle was completed.
  2. If your vehicle is broken fully, you conform to provide us access to settlement notice.
  3. If you vehicle is moved from one location to a different for repair, you must give notice us.
  4. You accept that we are an independent organisation and not a representative of an insurer or repairer.
  5. You agree to render all assistance for recovering hire charges by us, along with cost of recovering them.

Driver eligibility for rental vehicle

  1. Only an authorised driver may drive the vehicles. The Individual should hold a driver, learner or provisional licence. A driver can otherwise drive the vehicle if he has a previous approval from us.
  2. The driver should not be convicted for an alcohol or drug related traffic offence in last five years.
  3. The driver has no physical or mental condition that interferes with his ability to control the vehicle.
  4. You give us with licence of each authorised driver as subject to request.
  5. If the licence of any driver is revoked, you should notify us instantly.

Use of vehicle

  1. The vehicle should be used for its designated purpose and not on unmade roads.
  2. The vehicle may not be used on stream or flood waters, or on snow covered roads.
  3. You may not use the vehicle for nonlegal purposes, racing, or for towing unless it's fitted with a towing bar. you'll not use it to carry animals or for a purpose that doesn't adhere to the vehicles manual.
  4. You'll not use the vehicle for carrying a greater load than as prescribed by the manual.
  5. You'll not lease the vehicle to a 3rd party.
  6. You'll use the vehicle safely whereas adhering to the traffic laws. Unsafe driving could end in termination of agreement and also the vehicle is also recovered by us.
  7. You'll not smoke or enable smoking within the vehicle.
  8. You need to give notice us if you employ the vehicle interstate.

Maintenance and safety

  1. You must maintain the vehicle within the condition that you simply had at the start received it.
  2. You must keep the vehicle fast and also the keys safely with you.
  3. You must accept responsibility for maintaining the tyre pressure at intervals the recommendable limits.
  4. You must comply with the laws for safety belt and child restraint.
  5. You must come back the vehicle to us in a very neat and clean condition.
  6. You must report any functional issues to us.

Vehicle damage or repair

  1. You must give notice us regarding vehicle breakdown instantly. you'll not have the vehicle moved unless we authorize it.
  2. Any transport prices of moving the vehicle won't be reimbursed unless we authorize them.
  3. In event of an accident, you must report the matter to police instantly.
  4. For a reimbursement on any repair operations on the vehicle the same should have a previous authorization from us.

Return of vehicle

  1. Post the hire period, an inspection of the vehicle are held. For any new harm identified during the examination, you'll be command liable.
  2. Following the hire period, you need to come back the vehicle at the situation, time and date which is pre organized.
    we reserve the authority to repossess the vehicle at any time if we find that you have breached the agreement. Herein you may be command chargeable for any cheap charges, except traditional wear and tear.
  3. you need to come back the vehicle with its original accessories, as well as tools, jacking equipment, baby seats and roof racks.